Single Earring Back Replacement | 14K Solid Yellow Gold | Threaded Safety Back for Baby Toddler Earrings | Post Size .028" | 1 Piece

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Have you misplaced just one of your toddler's earring backs? Everyday Elegance has your (earring) back! We are pleased to offer for purchase ONE, SINGLE 14K Yellow Gold Threaded Screw-on/Screw-off Replacement Earring Back! Stamped 14K and sized to fit a .028" (21 gauge) post, this solid gold earring back is the perfect replacement for your missing child-sized screwback earring back. The fluted-edge screw-on/screw-off design ensures that your little one can wear their sweet earrings with confidence!

  • SINGLE .028" YELLOW GOLD – This threaded screw-on/screw-off replacement earring back specifically replaces a 21 gauge or .028" post stud earring back. Our earring back is intended for a toddler- or infant-sized earring with a screw-back post only. Approximate sizing: length 4.0 mm, width 3.0 mm, and pad size 4.5 mm. Screwback earring post diameters and threading patterns vary by manufacturer, please review our sizing chart to find the size to fit your earrings.
  • HYPOALLERGENIC – Rest assured that we only use solid 14K Yellow Gold with no other metals mixed. Gold fineness is 585 per 14K gold standards. We never gold plate or use gold-filled metals in any of our jewelry or earring backs. Our commitment to consistent gold quality ensures those with metal allergies that they will not react to our replacement earring backs.
  • SAFETY BACKS – This darling earring back is carefully crafted for the comfort and safety of your little one. The rounded, closed back shields the earring post from poking into delicate skin and helps avoid over-tightening. This allows for improved air flow while a child's ear piercing heals. Simply hold the earring back firmly in one hand behind the earlobe and turn the earring from the front into the earring back.
  • HIGH-QUALITY DIE STRUCK - Everyday Elegance earring backs are quality die struck, which produces a much better quality earring back than die cast. Die striking is a process of jewelry manufacturing that uses an immense amount of pressure and more gold to form a product of superior strength, shine, and durability. Die cast jewelry uses less gold and low pressure resulting in a lower-quality earring back.
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – There are a number of earring manufacturers out there and it is not possible to match ALL diameters and threading patterns. Shop confidently knowing that Everyday Elegance stands behind our craftsmanship. If you are not satisfied with the fit of this earring back, or your standards have not been met, simply return it for a full no-questions-asked refund.