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About Everyday Elegance Jewelry

JEWELRY YOU NEVER WANT TO TAKE OFF! We specialize in affordable solid gold jewelry with top-grade cubic zirconia stones. Solid 14K gold jewelry that will never tarnish. Sparkling Cubic Zirconias of the highest grade AAAAA. Earrings with screw backs or leverbacks to ensure they do not get lost. Pendants with sturdy box link chains. Quality traditional jewelry you never take off. Sleep, swim, play, live in it! 

I'm Patricia, and I am the Owner of Everyday Elegance Jewelry. I launched EDE in 2015 growing from my own interest to simplify my jewelry wardrobe. I own (and have lost!) several diamond jewelry pieces, but due to their precious nature and high replacement cost, I had been afraid to wear my diamonds on a regular basis. I wanted something high quality that looked expensive, but would not break the budget.

I also found that when traveling, it seemed cumbersome to pack different jewelry for each outfit. It makes packing much easier to bring one high quality pair of earrings and one versatile pendant, and NEVER TAKE THEM OFF.

I designed all of the pieces in the Everyday Elegance collection to be very traditional, so that they will go as beautifully with a cocktail dress as with denim.  Jewelry that is secure and sturdy that is equally appropriate while working in an office or in a laundry room.  

All of our jewelry is made from solid 14K gold (not plated or filled). All of our designs are classic, the kind that everyone should have in their jewelry wardrobe, and of craftsmanship that you expect only in the finest diamond jewelry. Our earrings all have basket settings with screw backs or leverbacks for the extra reassurance that your precious jewels will not get lost. Every chain we offer is a sturdy box-link which has more gold per inch than any other chain link style. It appears delicate, but is sturdy enough for everyday wear.

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