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Jewelry Care & Warranty

Everyday Elegance is pleased to guarantee the quality and workmanship of every item that we offer. If our jewelry fails to meet your expectations, please contact us directly for prompt and courteous help.

Caring For Your Jewelry

With proper attention and gentle care, your jewelry will remain sparkling, treasured and admired for years to come.

Handling: Avoid contact with harsh chemicals including cleaning products, lotions and perfumes.

Storing: When you are not wearing your jewelry, protect it from scratches by storing it in a soft place such as a jewelry box, gift box, or individual cloth pouch.

Cleaning: Clean your solid 14K gold and cubic zirconia jewelry often. Use a soft brush to clean under and around the jewel settings, scrubbing gently with warm, mild soapy water to get rid of any dirt accumulation. Rinse your jewelry well in warm water and then pat it dry with a soft, clean cloth. Take off rings when washing your hands or applying lotion to avoid residue accumulation that can make your jewels look dull, and don't wear them when you're cleaning house or doing laundry.

Here's what I do... I sleep, swim and play in my jewelry, seldom taking it off. I bought an inexpensive ultrasonic jewelry cleaner that I keep on my bathroom counter. As my shower is warming up, I put my jewelry in the ultrasonic cleaner to soak in warm water with a squirt of cleaner. By the time I'm done with my shower, my jewelry is clean!  Easy peasy.

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